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About Us

Our young enthusiastic Design Team works tirelessly behind the scenes to create interesting Plans, Layouts, 3 D concepts
till our clients are satisfied with the final outcome.

Our Vision

In light of our continuous achievements, we have recognized the necessity of looking to the future to ensure we meet success with every endeavor we encounter. The world is constantly changing, and with that change opportunities are born. In order to stay ahead of the game we must identify the factors that continue to shape our organization. In order to overcome all obstacles and flourish where possible, we work with the ideology that the actions we perform today will have an impact on tomorrow. Our vision lays out a clear and concise long term plan that demonstrates the ongoing significance of our organization to create a better tomorrow.


Here at 9pax, we see that the world is moving into a more technological state. It is the utilization of the latest technology in conjunction with the high intellect of our talented staff that gives us the competitive advantage we need to perform above and beyond in our endeavors. Rather than using IT as a simple tool we characterize it as a strategic means that help us better reach our objectives in a more efficient fashion. We run the latest servers and communicate effectively to ensure work is allocated accordingly to progress.

We believe that our professional responsibility extends beyond our clients and that we have an obligation to ensure that all projects undertaken by our practice meet the expectations of the broader community in areas such as health, safety, and environmental impact.

Our first-rate professionals including Architects, Interior Designers, Draftsmen, and Computer Graphics Experts are driven by the passion to turn every project into a success.